Dallas Pride 2024

Dallas Family Pride Unschool Discoveries Authors

Dallas Family Pride

Unschool Discoveries
at the Dallas Public Library Table

Date & Time:
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Dallas Fair Park, The Grand Place Building

Cost: Free

Event Information:
In the Family Pride Zone, children squealed with delight as they bounced in inflatable houses, their faces decorated with intricate face painting designs.

Parents can watched on with pride, knowing that their little ones were safe and free to express themselves in this inclusive space.

The Pride Train chugged through the Grand Place of Fair Park, carrying passengers on a whimsical journey through a world of rainbows and laughter.

There was live music with age-appropriate entertainment from Wild Life on the Move and a Magic Show. The festivities included a petting zoo from Cathy’s Critters, the Public Library presenting books and DJ Bri kept the place filled with music.

Rainbow Roundup is an LGBTQ non-profit organization that provides social activities, education and connects resources to individuals and families.

Unschool Discoveries Book Display
Danii Oliver setting up book display at the Dallas Public Library Table.

Sharing the booth with @dallaspubliclibrary as guests of @rainbowroundup for @dallasprideofficial at @fairparkdallas in the Family Pride Zone. Books were available for sale, giveaway prizes and to be signed by the author. Gender non-conforming kids set out on a mission to leave the confines of a segregated city to explore the world living wild and free in the open countryside of Texas.

This was most fun I’ve ever had a #PrideEvent! First off, the actives for kids by @rainbowroundup were the best curated we’ve even seen! There were animals to hold, pet and feed like a scene in Unschool Discoveries, live music in the Family Zone, an full bounce house courtyard, a hilarious interactive animal show, a engaging magic show, food, fun games, chalkboards, face painting, bracelet making, and tons of families celebrating queer couples, queer identity kids and family members, honoring love and equality!

Co-Author of Unschool Discoveries Signing the Book
Unschool Discoveries at the Wild Life on the Move Show.