A Strategic Partnership for Indie Authors & Indie Publishers

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At KIDO PubTech, we’re not just another platform; we’re your ally in the vibrant landscape of publishing and storytelling for Self Published Authors & Indie Publishers. Our mission? To connect your incredible stories with readers who are eager to explore new worlds. Today, we’re excited to introduce a platform that not only bridges the gap between your work and its audience but also ensures your voice is heard across the globe.

Discover a World of Possibilities

A Unique Partnership Awaits for Self Published Authors & Indie Publishers

Empowering Your Publishing Journey:

KIDO PubTech transcends the traditional service provider role. We’re your strategic partner, ready to support you at every publishing phase. From marketing your latest book to distributing your debut novel, we harness cutting-edge technology and in-depth data insights to share your unique stories.

Our Commitment to You:

As a Self Published Author & Indie Publishers, choosing KIDO PubTech means gaining a partner dedicated to your success. We offer comprehensive support that goes beyond the norms of publishing. Whether it’s boosting your book’s visibility or optimizing its distribution, our team ensures a rewarding and fruitful journey for every author.

Self Published Authors & Indie Publishers Freedom and Collaboration

Creative Freedom:

We celebrate the creative spirit. Our non-exclusive agreement lets you explore and thrive across various channels. While we’re proud to be your chosen partner, we encourage you to amplify your reach, linking back to KIDO PubTech as we journey together.

Redefining Partnerships:

KIDO PubTech reimagines what it means to be a publishing partner. Rather than just offering advice, we actively collaborate to spotlight your work through our channels, podcasts, and shows. Our focus? Empowering you to confidently navigate the publishing landscape.

Join Us as a Platform Partner

The journey to recognition is challenging, but with KIDO PubTech, you’re never alone. Our goal is to captivate readers and earn your work the industry recognition it deserves.

We’re thrilled about the success and opportunities our partnership will bring. If you’re an author or indie publisher ready to make your mark, KIDO PubTech is here to be your strongest ally.

Ready to transform your career? Join us and explore how we can achieve greatness together. Our team is on standby to support you every step of the way.

Welcome to the Future of Publishing with KIDO PubTech.

– Danii Oliver, Founder

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A Strategic Partnership for Indie Authors & Indie Publishers