KIDO PubTech Announces the Launch of the “Unschool Discoveries” Series

Launch of the “Unschool Discoveries” Series:


June 19, 2024: KIDO PubTech is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Unschool Discoveries” series, an innovative and inspiring collection of books that explore the freedom and possibilities of unschooling. The series begins with two captivating volumes that each provide a unique perspective on self-directed learning and the joys of living wild and free as a child.

Unschool Discoveries: Venturing into the Unknown (Book 1, Vol 1)

Genre: Realistic/Contemporary Fiction

Short Description: Two inner-city kids flee their dangerous neighborhood for Texas, discovering the shocking truth about unschooling and survival in the wild. Can they really make it? “Venturing Into The Unknown”

Unschool Discoveries: Venturing into the Unknown” invites readers into a poetic journey that evokes the moods and showcases the possibilities of unschooling days. Through vivid imagery and enchanting poetry, this volume brings to life the adventurous spirit of Danielle and David as they explore the world around them. While based on real experiences, the fictionalized narrative allows for creative interpretation and imaginative engagement, making it an appealing read for both parents and children who enjoy immersive storytelling.

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Unschool Discoveries Hardcover Children's Picture Book | Signed by Author
Unschool Discoveries Hardcover Children’s Picture Book | Signed by Author

Unschool Discoveries: Through David’s Eyes (Book 1, Vol 2)

Genre: Narrative Non-Fiction

Short Description: A four-year-old boy, David, takes on the Goliath of Texas unschooling and homesteading to discover his capability for self-directed learning and the true meaning of freedom. “Through David’s Eyes”

Unschool Discoveries: Through David’s Eyes” offers an authentic and informative glimpse into the real events and experiences of the character/author, David. Written in prose from the perspective of a 4-year-old, this volume provides a heartfelt and educational narrative that highlights the genuine aspects of unschooling. By sharing real-life experiences in an accessible manner, this book appeals to parents looking for factual content that is both informative and relatable.

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Through David's Eyes Book Cover
Through David’s Eyes Book Cover

KIDO Pubtech expands “Unschool Discoveries”, bringing the freedom of self-directed learning to life through engaging unschooling narratives marking the launch of the “Unschool Discoveries” Series.


About KIDO PubTech

KIDO PubTech specializes in creating and cultivating diverse, innovative intellectual properties. With a focus on entertainment that facilitates learning, KIDO PubTech brings narratives to life, transitioning from page to pixel to virtual worlds. Our mission is to produce engaging and educational content that resonates with audiences of all ages.

The “Unschool Discoveries” series exemplifies our commitment to exploring new educational paradigms and celebrating the joy of lifelong learning. By offering both a poetic, fictionalized exploration and a factual, narrative account of unschooling, we aim to provide a comprehensive and captivating experience for our readers.


The “Unschool Discoveries” series is Book 1 vol 1 is now available online and at “Burgundy’s Local” locations in Dallas & Fort Worth and Grandview, TX. Book 1 vol 2 will be available for purchase in Summer 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on pre-order details and special launch events.

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