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Homesteading For Beginners

“Interested in a more fulfilling life than running around a city?”

Let us expose you to the homesteading lifestyle of self-entertainment, self directed learning and self-sufficiency. We implement permaculture for food production and fermentation for food preservation. We run a young rabbitry to product fertilizer, a nanobrewery producing commercial consumer beverages. We teach the how to's of what we do. Since moving to Texas we've been happier, much more energetic and motivated.


DIY Tool Selection

“Tool! There are so many. Seems like we've got too many yet and still we don't have enough. ”

From the city to the suburbs not everyone is familiar with how to use tools, which to use and when. This shouldn't stoop you from endeavoring into your own DIY projects. So we're gonna help you along sine we know so much. No brands are sponsoring us at the moment, so we have no loyalties.


KIDO Family Vlog

“Our family vlogging is ultimately our family business.”

We raising your kids and working in an unconventional; against the grain manner. We have fun everyday and felt like sharing our love and accomplishments would help answer the many questions receive when we're in the city, off the ranch, with extended family or in our inboxes. We are building and running our own food forest farm, farm brewery and rabbitry. Soon the ranch will be ready to take visitors who can lounge with family and enjoy small batch craft beers, cider, wine, juices and kombucha. We've been at this for 11 years we not tired of it.


Unschool Journey

“How to Unschool is simple.”

Create an environment or access to spaces for free exploration and discovery. Answer all your child's questions. Explore the natural environment ans expose your child to the world. Surround your child with texts, tools and resources. There is no time line, due date or test to learn in a rush for. Allow you child to learn at their own pace and take lots of breaks to process the information they take in. There is no comparison for fast or slow learning only curiosity and interest.

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