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At KIDO PubTech, we believe that great ideas and stories deserve to be shared. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for unique voices and innovative thinkers. Whether you’re an author with a captivating story, a developer with a groundbreaking game, or a visionary with a project that marries technology and creativity, we want to hear from you.

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Are you ready to take your ideas to the next level? Join our mission to create a multigenerational entertainment universe. We’re seeking:

  • Children’s Books that ignite imagination and curiosity.
  • Adult Fiction that challenges and entertains.
  • Podcasts that delve into fascinating topics and untold stories.
  • Culinary Show Ideas that blend tradition and innovation.
  • Tech Innovations in VR, XR, and beyond.

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Looking for a strategic partnership? Our Quantum Innovation Advisors consultancy is open for collaboration. Let’s synergize and create magic together in the realm of digital strategy, product development, and marketing innovation.

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We’re also on the lookout for social media maestros, digital artists, and marketing gurus who can help us build and engage with our community across various platforms.

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