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Welcome to KIDO PubTech, where our mission is to empower diverse authors by providing innovative publishing solutions. We are dedicated to serving a wide range of creator, writers and publishers, from indie authors embarking on their first publishing journey to established creators seeking new avenues for their multimedia projects. Our platform is designed to foster collaboration, amplify voices, and streamline the publishing process, ensuring that every story reaches its fullest potential. Discover how we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our vibrant community and how we can support your audience growth and sales goals.

We Support Indie Storytellers:
From Books to Games, Amplify Your Market Presence

We’re Accepting Storytellers who are indie, self-published, small publishers, or aspiring creators who need support with the business side of gaining market share with an engaged audience and generating sales across various platforms including books, podcasts, web shows, animation and games.

We We Serve

Multimedia Storytellers: Creators who are interested in exploring cross-media storytelling, such as podcasts, videos, films or interactive digital content.

Indie Authors: Independent authors looking for support in publishing, marketing, and distributing their books. They seek a platform that can provide comprehensive services to help them reach a wider audience without the backing of traditional publishing houses.

Emerging Writers: New writers who are just starting their publishing journey and need guidance and resources to navigate the publishing process, build their author platform, and gain visibility in a competitive market.

Self-Publishing Creator: Authors & Creators who prefer to retain full control over their publishing process and rights but require assistance with the technical and promotional aspects of self-publishing.

Indie Publishers: Independent publishing houses or small presses seeking partnerships to leverage technology and marketing expertise to enhance their catalog’s reach and efficiency.

Author Collectives: Groups of authors who band together to share resources, knowledge, and marketing efforts. KIDO PubTech can provide a centralized platform for their collaborative publishing endeavors.

Creative Entrepreneurs: Individuals who are exploring publishing as part of a broader entrepreneurial venture, such as creating branded content, educational materials, or leveraging their book for business growth.

Hybrid Authors: Authors who publish both traditionally and independently, looking for flexible solutions to complement their diverse publishing strategies.

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