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Explore the world of unschooling with our kids & family podcast. Dive deep into our favorite books, share in the daily adventures of our unschool life, and revel in heartwarming storytelling sessions. Perfect for family car rides or those keen on alternative education. Tune in for candid discussions across all ages.

A living documentary of all things unschool, self-directed, permaculture design, business, self sustainability and natural health. We’re on a journey to make life work for us instead of us working to live. A 2 Kid, 1 bonus adult kid, and 2 Adult Partnership set in Texas after driving 2,500 miles from New York City for a better life.
Host: Danii Oliver, Beverage Anthropologist, Creative Technologist and Unschool Mother.
Host: Ivy~D, Astronaut in training specializing in Wild Life Biology for a Xenology expertise and Jr Chef in training.
Co-Host: Ollie~D, Explorer and Superhero Monster Truck Driver.
Guest-Host: Darth Daddious, Chef, Engineer,

“The Business Of Life: Navigating Mind, Body, and Spirit for Success” “Where Personal Growth Meets Professional Excellence” Description: Welcome to “The Business Of Life,” a podcast dedicated to exploring the intricate balance between personal development and professional success. Each episode delves into the vital areas of mind, body, and spirit, uncovering actionable insights and strategies to help you thrive in both your personal and professional worlds. Join me, Danii Oliver as we navigate the complexities of modern life, from mental, physical & spiritual to purpose fulfillment.

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