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Introduction to KIDO PubTech:

KIDO PubTech is an innovative platform dedicated to empowering authors and indie publishers through comprehensive support in publishing, marketing, and distributing their works. With a focus on leveraging technology and industry expertise, we aim to bridge the gap between talented authors and their potential readers, ensuring that diverse and compelling stories find their audience. Our mission is to revolutionize the publishing landscape by providing personalized, effective solutions that cater to the unique needs of each author and their work.


This agreement formalizes the partnership between KIDO PubTech and you as a Platform Partner, outlining the scope of services provided, the responsibilities of both parties, and the terms under which KIDO PubTech will assist in bringing Yours work to the market. The goal of this partnership is to maximize the visibility, sales, and impact of the author’s work, leveraging KIDO PubTech’s platform and resources to achieve mutual success. Through this collaboration, we are committed to supporting you throughout the publishing process, from marketing and distribution to sales optimization, ensuring a fruitful and rewarding journey.

Non-Exclusivity and Media Acknowledgment:

This is a non-exclusive agreement, granting you, the Author, the freedom to continue utilizing and operating any other channels currently owned. We simply request that KIDO PubTech be mentioned as your partner in relevant communications, with links or tags pointing to and @kidofamilyranch on applicable media outlets. Boilerplates and media materials will be provided for your convenience and are available for download to ensure consistency and ease of use in your promotional efforts.

It underscores the collaborative spirit of the agreement, ensuring both parties benefit from increased visibility and recognition.

Clarification of Partnership Role:

At KIDO PubTech, we are thrilled to partner with you on a journey that transcends traditional publishing boundaries. Our role in this dynamic collaboration extends beyond conventional definitions, positioning us not just as advisors but as active collaborators in promoting your publishing endeavors.

As your strategic partner in publishing promotions, we commit to:

  • Strategic Advisory: Offering expert guidance on marketing and promotional strategies tailored to your unique goals and the essence of your work.
  • Collaborative Promotion: Actively collaborating through KIDO PubTech’s proprietary channels, including podcasts, shows, and digital platforms, to enhance the visibility and reach of your work.
  • Empowerment Through Resources: Providing access to tools, insights, and support that empower you to navigate the publishing landscape with confidence, ensuring your story resonates with a broader audience.

It’s important to note that while KIDO PubTech plays a pivotal role in amplifying your work, our partnership is characterized by mutual collaboration rather than traditional publishing. We leverage our platforms and expertise to spotlight your creations, facilitating a unique space where your voice and story can thrive.

While we will not be involved in the direct publishing of your work, our dedicated team at KIDO PubTech is here to ensure that your promotional efforts are strategic, cohesive, and successful. Our goal is to work alongside you, harnessing our collective expertise to elevate your presence in the publishing world and achieve the recognition your work deserves.

Our collective efforts will focus on strategizing, planning, and executing promotional activities that not only captivate readers but also pave the way for significant industry recognition. By uniting our strengths, we aim to foster a fruitful and impactful presence for your book, podcast, shows and events in the information & entertainment world.

We eagerly anticipate the shared successes and opportunities this partnership will bring. Together, let’s embark on this exciting journey to elevate your work and achieve the acclaim it deserves.

If you need additional services please do not hesitate to ask as we have a diverse talent within the company that can help you.

Mutual Benefits:

The mutual goals of the partnership between KIDO PubTech and an author encapsulate shared objectives aimed at maximizing the success and reach of the author’s work, fostering growth for both the author and KIDO PubTech.

1. Maximizing Visibility and Reach:

  • Objective: To significantly enhance the visibility of the author’s work across multiple platforms and channels, reaching a broader and more diverse audience.
  • For KIDO PubTech: Expanding the portfolio of diverse, quality content offered to its audience.
  • For the Author: Gaining increased exposure and attracting new readers.

2. Boosting Sales and Revenue:

  • Objective: To collaboratively work on strategies that increase book sales and revenue through effective marketing, distribution, and sales tactics.
  • For KIDO PubTech: Driving revenue growth through its platform services and strengthening its market position.
  • For the Author: Enhancing financial success from book sales and related revenue streams.

3. Building Brand and Author Platform:

  • Objective: To develop and elevate the author’s brand and platform, establishing them as a notable figure in their genre or industry.
  • For KIDO PubTech: Associating with reputable and rising authors to bolster its brand as a leading publishing platform.
  • For the Author: Solidifying a personal brand that supports long-term career growth and opportunities.

4. Encouraging Creative Innovation:

  • Objective: To foster an environment of creative innovation that leads to the development of unique, compelling content.
  • For KIDO PubTech: Enhancing its reputation for innovative publishing solutions and content diversity.
  • For the Author: Exploring and realizing creative visions with the support of a forward-thinking strategic partner.

5. Strengthening Industry Relationships:

  • Objective: To leverage and strengthen relationships within the publishing and literary community, benefiting from collaborative opportunities.
  • For KIDO PubTech: Expanding its network and fostering partnerships that enhance its service offerings and market reach.
  • For the Author: Connecting with industry peers, collaborators, and opportunities that enhance professional development and market presence.

6. Achieving Sustainable Growth:

  • Objective: To ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of both KIDO PubTech’s platform and the author’s career through strategic planning and execution.
  • For KIDO PubTech: Securing a stable and growing base of content and users that supports ongoing expansion.
  • For the Author: Establishing a durable career foundation with potential for future projects and success.

These mutual goals are centered around creating a synergistic relationship where both KIDO PubTech and the author benefit from each other’s strengths, resources, and efforts, leading to shared success and growth in the publishing industry.

For more details let’s discuss your unique needs.

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