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Unschool Discoveries Book 1

“Unschool Discoveries: Venturing into the Unknown”
2023 KIDO Family Ranch Publishing
By Danii Oliver & Ivy Braithwaite

Danii Oliver

Integrative Innovator, Strategic Leader, Empowerment Mentor, Writer, Illustrator, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Unschool Facilitator, Podcast Host, Public Speaker

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The 5 Ease Methodology, Unschooling Is Natural Learning, Holistic Living, Natural Plant Remedies, Entrepreneurship, The Power of Diversity, Bacteria As Business Friends, Turmeric For Everything, Women in Fermentation, Women in Beer, Fermenting with Fruits, The Seed to Spirit Experience, Home Birth is a Choice, Head to Toe: Healing for Sho’, Redacted History Month, Unschool Pages of Our Lives, Lager and Listen, Beersgiving.

New Talk: “Unschooled By Design” how restricted access to modern schools in the 1900’s birthed the unschool movement out for necessity for Indigenous People of Color

Danii’s Writer Pitch & Press Kit

I am the writer and illustrator of “Unschool Discoveries: Venturing into the Unknown.” My work celebrates characters—both children and adults—who embrace and honor their inner child. Having recently published this project, I am now looking to expand my reach by writing shorter pieces for broader distribution across various platforms.

My writing blends non-fiction memoir with a fictional narrative overlay, transforming my tales into explorations of imagination, magic, and the realm of possibilities derived from the real world. I emphasize a childlike worldview, seeing wonder and magic in the everyday—envisioning ovens as foes and yeast as warriors in the kitchen, a battleground where epic fights for delightful breads, treats, and sweets unfold, making heroes of those who conquer their own hunger.

The story I’ve described is a synopsis of a draft for the next installment in the “Unschool Discoveries” mini-tale series. Should you be interested in publishing it, I’d be thrilled to discuss the details further. Additionally, I am open to exploring other concepts or requests you may have.

More about me: A bit more about me: As an unschooled parent of three (ages 5, 10, and 21), my approach to life and learning adheres to the “5 Ease Methodology“.
This involves recognizing and leveraging natural opportunities in the follow: 

  • Environments we live in and have access to; 
  • Exposure to new experiences beyond one’s immediate surroundings,
    • Think about going from everyday animal encounters to learning about and experiencing lions tigers and bears 
  • Engagement with new information provided through a great deal of play
  • Experimentation with the content not just playing but troubleshooting, experimenting, critical thinking A/B testing struggling to reframe and see from many sides; and finally Endeavors taking all that has been learning in a holistic manner and using the knowledge, outcomes and rewards to build something new or try your hand at a project. This method of natural learning embraces the entire child and your inner child without sacrificing natural rhythms, a ba-zillion question asking and trying until satisfaction is achieved.  

Strategic Innovation

Danii Oliver is a beacon of innovation and strategic thought in the realms of technology, holistic wellness, and education. With a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from AI strategy and product design to holistic shamanism and unschooling, Danii embodies the essence of an Integrative Innovator. They are the visionary founder behind KIDO Family Ranch Publishing, KIDO PubTech, Quantum Innovation Advisors, House of Juice Bar, Island to Island Brewery, The D.O. Collection, Damn Digital Studio, Mass Designs Studio, Juice and Jin Wellness Brands and Daniiboi Productionz, Each venture a testament to their commitment to merging cutting-edge technology with traditional wisdom for societal betterment.

Lifelong Learner

Danii’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, a deep-seated belief in the power of diversity, and a dedication to mentorship that transforms and transcends boundaries. Danii’s work in anthropological research, especially in Human-Computer Interaction Design, underscores her approach to technology as a tool for human empowerment and cultural preservation.

5 Ease Methodology

A respected author, Danii shares their insights and methodologies, such as the “5 Ease Methodology,” to inspire others to carve their own paths in harmony with their learning journey, professional goals and personal values. Danii’s writing not only reflects their vast expertise but also their personal journey of resilience, continuous learning, and strategic leadership.

Stay connected with Danii as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and leadership, fostering a community of learners, thinkers, and doers poised to make an impact. Follow Danii’s journey and delve into the insights of a true integrative innovator, whose work continues to inspire and empower individuals and communities alike.

About My Transition 

I left NYC to find land in Texas to expand the business and grow our own produce for our beverage brands. We wanted to ensure the produce we used was truly organic and provide the truly farm to table produce we needed for our recipes. Along the way there were my kids to consider. You see, Business is Personal. We conduct business for the very personal reasons of financial security and the advancement of ideas and passions the founder and members share. I needed to conduct business in a place that made the unschooling lifestyle possible for my kids. I am growing entrepreneurs alongside moringa & peaches. We are techo-homesteaders who are also herbalists, juiceologists, mixologists and chefs. “Unschool Discoveries: Venturing into the Unknown” is the picture book tale, a memoir about the success of our transition.   

Unschool Discoveries: Venturing into the Unknown

This debut title, serves as a beckon for parentpreneurs, unschooling homeschoolers, and parents deschooling themselves in order to live the choice of a heart-centered lifestyle. The book does this by showcasing what unschooling can look like with characters who face challenges and triumphs very different from school going characters that dominate the Children, Juvenile & YA book demographic genres.  

Unschool Discoveries Hardcover Children's Picture Book

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Danii Oliver, Author, Illustrator Founder